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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Night

I'm breaking the "Dear Abby" Friday tradition again today.  I can't really summon up creative or snarky juices this morning, and I don't really think I should try to.  It would feel inappropriate to take on any subject other than the horrific mass shooting that took place at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises.  I am sure I will have something to say about this tragedy, but right now I'm just sad and confused and frustrated and angry and ashamed.  What's more, details are still emerging.

All we know right now is that at least twelve people have died and around sixty have been injured.  Among the injured are a 3-month-old baby and a 6-year-old. 

We know that dozens and dozens of people stayed up late to go see a movie.  To spend too much money on popcorn and Swedish Fish.  To watch good fight evil. 

They thought that good-versus-evil storyline was going to play out on the screen.  Instead, it played out in the aisles and staircases and balconies of the very theater in which they sat.  With evil personified as a 24-year-old gunman carrying three weapons and decked out with a gas mask and a Kevlar vest.  And good taking the form of every effort at survival we can imagine and every act of heroism we'll soon learn about.

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