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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Read All About It!

Hi, team.

Thanks to you, this little blog continues its evolution. And that evolution won't quit until the blog is the subject of a prime time interview about how every post was written by a ghost writer named Mo, who is actually a leprechaun that lives in Cleveland and incubates quail eggs in his spare time.

Until that day, we're going to fake it like all the other success stories.

To add some legitimacy to our fake-outs, I am pleased to announce the following entirely meaningless break-throughs. Get your fake-excited faces ready (please see Taylor Swift's appearances at every awards show ever if you need guidance).

1. Blog-Lift.

My blog is going under the knife. As I type and you read, some smart man is doing things I don't understand to make it look all gussied up and streamlined and "professional." It may be a few weeks more until the new-and-improved blog can make it's grand debut. Which gives me plenty of time to design the birth announcements.

2. Facebook Emancipation

The blog is also going to leave the nest of my personal Facebook page and spread its wings on its very own "fan" page. I will soon start posting links and sharing blog news only on that fan page. So be sure to "like" the page. The link is below:

3. Twitter-ific

My Twitter page is also a bit more grown-up looking now, with some graphics that will appear on the new blog and other personalized/updated touches. It only took me a year, but I think I'm finally getting to the point where I can harness the bird. If you're not already following me, well then, create a fake account and GET ON IT! Then apply to Notre Dame.

Find me at @AbbyDiaz1 (


In all seriousness, I really appreciate all of you migrating with me to the next stage in the life of this blog and my writing efforts. I'm sincerely grateful for all of you and all you do, from the retweets to the Pinterest follows to the regular reading, commenting, liking, favoriting, cash hand-outs, blind-date invitations, and swag bags. I've loved it all. Except the Applebees' dinner with the excessive-water drinker and the grab bag full of prawns.


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