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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Which is good, because today all of my words have to be focused on a contract I've been negotiating for the past three weeks that needs to be finalized today in time for me to take my daughter to piano lessons.

I'd started drafting a huge, prosaic piece on How I Survived The Maine Earthquake (which occurred last night at 7:12PM). Picture Ben Affleck circa Pearl Harbor and Jennifer Lawrence circa The Hunger Games and you'd have a sense of the scenes I painted with words. Scenes that involved my husband and I staring at each other, confused, as our house shook, and then running to the living room door frame to huddle there while our daughter stared at us, even more confused, from the couch where she was watching Fresh Beat Band. It was gripping, chill-inducing stuff that showcased The Diazes for the heroes we are.

Alas, that page turner (or mouse scroller, as it were) will not see the light of today. I need to focus on third-party beneficiary clauses and the scope of the definition of "services." Equally gripping. I know.

So instead, I give you the picture that will summarize for you the experience I survived with my Maine brethren and sistren.


I am pretty sure we have Annie Leibovitz to thank for this picture.
Or Facebook.

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