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Monday, December 3, 2012

Poem for A Monday

Did my alarm go off?
I didn't hear my alarm go off.

It's 6:07. I'm already running behind.
Should have woken up earlier and gone to the gym.
But I didn't.

Why am I in my daughter's bed?
Oh yeah. She woke me up at 2:18
To chat.

Hear my son moaning in his crib.
I should go get him.
But I don't want to get up.

It's 6:23.
Now my son is humming
And banging his hands in rhythm.
God, I don't want to get up.

Get son.
Change son.
Dress son.
Feed son.

ESPN, tell me who won yesterday.
Please do highlights.
I have 43 seconds.

Time to face the kitchen.
Why is the dining room a mess?
What was my husband doing down here last night?
Building a nuclear reactor?

Never mind.

Put cereal boxes on counter.
Serve cereal to son.
Watch son throw it on floor.

Must be upstairs getting dressed in 23 minutes.
Make husband's lunch.
Make daughter's lunch.
Soynut butter is gross.
Make son's lunch.
Wonder if he'll eat any of it.

30 minutes have passed.
How have 30 minutes already passed?
Thank goodness I sliced and cream-cheesed
Those bagels last night for
My daughter's class snack.

Daughter is still sleeping.
Tired from all the chatting at 2:18.
Rouse daughter.

I should really do something about my hair.

Make the bed.
Hey, where'd my son go?
Remove son from playing in the toilet bowl.
Give my daughter 5 minute warning.

I should really do something about my hair.

Shake my son off my leg.
Stop biting me!
What in the world am I going to wear today?
Two more minutes, I'm serious!

I should really do something about my hair.

Grab that and that and that.
I think that's an outfit.
It's outfit-like.

Wash face, put on face cream!
Brush teeth.
Whoa, way too much blush.
Whatever, wintry rosy-cheek glow.

I should really do something about my hair.

Son needs a diaper change.
Change it.
Daughter needs to get up.
I swear to God, you have one more minute!

Quick! Dress before he starts eating your socks!
Where did I put my phone?

Okay, missy.
Downstairs, everyone!
Did I put on deodorant?
Hope so.

I should really do something about my hair.

Mittens. Yes, you do.

This bag.
That bag.
Don't forget your lunch.

In the car in the car in the car!
We did it!


You're right.
I did forget to feed you breakfast.
Special treat morning!

We'll go there.
Line's too long there.
We're late.

We'll go here.
Line's kind of long here.
Run run run.
Now hurry up and eat!
We're really late.

Full parking lot.
Squeeze in there.
When I say hustle inside I mean HUSTLE!

Put snack in classroom.
Put lunch in cubby.
Kiss kiss kiss.

Son to daycare.
Let go of my hair.
Kiss kiss kiss.
Sneak out the door.

Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.

Back at the car.
Is that me reflecting back at me?

Wait a second....

I left the house like this?

I should really do something about my hair.

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  1. you're keeping it fresh -- poems, letters, games -- lots of creativity.